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Highams Proudly sponsor Stubbys Boxing Gym

Darren Stubbs is a prize Fighter & Owner of Stubbys Boxing Gym in Royton & has a great success story! He started out with a casual visit to the gym in the early 2000s, & started Sparring at Jack Doughty’s Boxing Gym. After only 12 months in 2002 he was asked to fight professionally.

Very soon, Darren was competing nationally, & has won three belts to date & appeared on Prizefighter, where he battled his way to the final. He was called in to box for the English Title but sustained an injury to the eye and was unable to continue. He then went on to fight Tony Dodson for the IBO World Title, The fight was called off in the 7th round, but nothing would quash Darren’s fighting spirit

His love for the sport compelled him to open his own boxing club. “Stubbys Boxing Gym – Royton Boxing & Training Centre”

Highams at Stubbys Boxing Gym

Darren Says

Having lived in Royton/Shaw all my life I have built up a respected reputation as a trainer within sport, training footballers and rugby players and I want to build on these foundations and bring something back into this area.

As a youngster I personally experienced the feeling of having nowhere to go and nothing to do in Royton & Shaw, & my aim is to change that. I want to give young people a sense of purpose, something to get out of bed for, a feeling of self-worth and respect. I came into sport relatively late in my life and I know the values sport can give to people, the self-worth; it changed me and my life. I think you will agree? If I boxed 5 titles and been on prize-fighter as well at the age of 30. What can your child achieve, if they start young, or if you start at 20, doesn’t matter I would love to train the next champion in our community.

Highams look forward to a prolonged relationship supporting Darren & The young people in the community that he coaches.